Thanks to Nathalie and Fitdog my dog had a much better quality of life in his old days.

Dog unwilling to go out on his daily walks due to pain caused by arthritis at the age of 16 got a brand new life after we started weekly treatments.

I could already see a change in his behavior after first visit at Fitdog. He was much more lively, happier and pain free.

Elina & Tibsy

For a couple of months I have been taking my dog to Fitdog following surgery on my dog’s leg. Nathalie, the owner, is really amazing with dogs.

It’s obvious she loves each dog individually, but more importantly, she knows what she’s doing. My dog is on the road to recovery thanks to Fitdog.

Highly recommend their services if your dog is recovering from an injury, or perhaps needs some physical therapy to deal with another ailment.


My dogs just love to go to FitDog and Nathalie. For my old labrador this is heaven, after every session you can really see an improvement and she is so agile.

Without Nathalie she would be stiff and be on painkillers.

We just love FITDOG.


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